Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aid Climbing?

Matt aiding the first pitch of Mordor Wall (Cathedral, A2+)

I'm not exactly sure how this happened...but somehow I became convinced that it was a good idea to learn how to aid climb. I think it all started as an El Cap fantasy...

So, after a self-rescue course a couple of weeks ago at Sundown, Matt and I did a how-to-aid lesson last weekend on Black Jack Crack at Rumney. (I know, I know...the thought of aid climbing at Rumney is ridiculous. At least we free climbed the crack first....and by 'we' I mean Matt on lead, me on tr.)

Then I did my first aid lead this weekend -- the second pitch of Mordor Wall. No epics (yay!)...just a little nervousness over the scary fixed heads up top (which I think is perfectly reasonable.) And now Matt's all excited about us aiding on Cannon. Yikes...what have I done?!

Aid Lesson #1 / Fighting black flies.

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