Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Agrarian School

Day 21

I know...I know...such stereotypical pictures of "Africa". It's like one of those things you have to bring home...a photo of you with a mob of African children.

I swear, we ended up with these by accident.

Scotty, Greg, Jacinto, Banesh and I had planned to hike to the top of one of the nearby mountains, but I wussed out on account of the fact that we had to wade through a fresh water river. Well, also because it would have been like a 15 hour hike, which I wasn't really feeling up to, given the tropical temps.

We ended up walking to the nearby Agrarian school instead, where there were -- you guessed it -- mobs of African children. At first they were terrified of us, which was kindof hilarious. Eventually they warmed up, though, and then started begging to have their photos taken.

Here's Greg terrorizing them:

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