Thursday, April 29, 2010


Day 16

Scotty, peace corps volunteer.

Wake up at Scotty’s friend’s apartment: running water, shower, air conditioning. Easing in to Africa. The other pcv’s we met last night slept here as well. They seem really cool and sortof remind me of Grinnellians.

Coffee at Café Atlantico, i.e. where the white people hang out, and a bit of food shopping for breakfast. Later, a walking tour of downtown, a Shop Rite feast, a stop at the peace core office, and my first capalana. Later still, afternoon beers at Garretts and some fantastic roast chicken.

View of the church from Cafe Atlantico.

Nicest apartment in Nampula?

The Market.

This weird looking fruit is called atta. I think they call it "custard apple" in India.
Scotty and David at Garrett's.


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