Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tour of Scotty's House

mostly in pictures.

The house.

Concrete, tin roof, a little on the dark side. Quaint for sure, but not exactly my idea of homey. Everything has to be kept in Ziploc bags because of the bugs, and you never really know what other creatures you’re sharing the space with: frogs, lizards, roaches. One night there is even a rat…yea…a low point.

At night there is a sense of security that comes from enclosing oneself within a mosquito net. It’s not a lot…but it’s something.

The kitchen.

Outdoor, and fully equipped with the finest modern appliances Mozambique has to offer:



Garbage disposal:

Coconut scraper:

Despite these conveniences, dinner takes a while to prepare. I am getting on Scotty’s nerves for being overly conscious about wasting food, but it’s just that…y’know those starving kids in Africa you hear about? They live next door.

The casa de banho

Also outside; Scotty built a seat for the pit toilet and there is a separate area for showering, and by that I mean taking a bucket bath with cold water. Bamboo walls, thatch roof. During the day, it’s really not bad at all, but I am definitely too scared to go in at night.

So I’m afraid of the dark in Mozambique. So what? Don’t tell anyone, but one night I took a bucket bath in the back yard; and on more than one occasion I may or may not have peed in the garden.

The porch

Screened in, thanks to Scotty and Jacinto’s efforts. [Jacinto is Scotty’s empregado, i.e. the…er…butler.] Scotty basically lives out here and it’s not hard to see why; it’s awesome.

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