Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Return to Sundown

Eyeless in Gaza [12b] = SENT!!

I just got home from another awesome two days of climbing up in New Hampshire. (Sorry, no pics from this mini-trip.)

Day 1 was a spectacular (though a bit wet) day at Sundown.
After warming up on and sending Eyeless [yep, 12b is a stout warm up, but there aren't a lot of other options] we got on The Promised Land 12c and did a few burns on Romper Room 12a, both of which were really sweet lines. I think Romper Room is going to be my new Sundown project...Then, a beautiful drive along the Kanc and an excellent evening of camping at Rumney.

Day 2 was a half day at Rumney.
We hit Lower Vader for some warm ups (me and Slick on the 9's, Josh on The Caged) then over to Bonsai for Peer Pressure [10d - L, flash!] and Social Outcast [12a - L]. I'm blaming my sub-par performance on Social on a combination of too many 12s the day before, too many beers the night before, and no morning coffee. Seriously...I can't be expected to send without coffee. I mean, in normal life I can barely function without it...

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