Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rumney, again :)

Josh on some ridiculous-looking 13 at Monsters.

Josh, Kelly, and I went back to Rumney on Monday.

I know, it's a rough life.
A recap of the past week:
Tuesday + Wednesday - Rumney
Thursday + Friday - Central Rock Gym
Saturday - Farley
Sunday - Sleeping and reading New Moon [sequel to Twilight]
[It's cool, I have a master's from MIT, I can read teenage romance/vampire books if I want to.]
Monday - Rumney

Stellar day up at the Hinterlands.
Dolt 5.9 [L]
Jolt 10b [L]
Niki's crack 11d [L...sent on the second burn, bitches!]
Giant Man 12b/c [ of the coolest 12's I've been on. New project? And Josh, thanks for]

Heaven/Something Link-up 11b [L- awkward!]
and yup, I think everything else there is way too hard for me. :)

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