Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attempted assault on Technosurfing

I spent two days at Rumney this past week.

Sunday, after Amanda's wedding, Matt and I stopped by to do a bit of climbing on our way home. (I know...Rumney isn't actually on the way home from Peru, Vermont, but whatever.) Everything was wet and so we went directly to Waimea (which is never a good idea...for me, at least.) And then...i did 1.5 burns on Technosurfing [12b] before calling it a day. First time, I bailed at the crux (my excuse? that was my warmup!). Second time, I at least made it to the chains, but it was a big of an epic...complete with near tears (don't worry, I didn't actually cry...I just wanted to), and lots of hanging. I got down and decided that I hated Techno and wasn't doing it ever again.

And then....on Tuesday, Kelly, Josh and I went back to Rumney for what was quite possibly my (sniff) last day there of the season. We did some stuff at Main Cliff [Underdog 10A-L, Millenium Falcon 10c-L/flash, Know Ethics 10d-L/flash], tried to climb at Orange Crush, and then headed back to Waimea. I (of course) got back on Techno and actually made some substantial progress. I hung a few times and got scared on the first burn, but the second time I just took at the crux and at a scary heel-hook move up falls, and I did all the moves the first time. Okay, so maybe I don't hate it that much...

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