Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Slick, Josh, Matt, and Kelly at our campsite in Rumney, NH.

If you're a climber, the only thing better than being unemployed is knowing a bunch of other climbers who are also unemployed. Okay, so technically Kelly and I aren't unemployed...given that we're both working a couple of days a week at the new Central Rock Gym in Worcester. [Check it out here, we've got a pretty sick lead wall!] And Josh and Slick seem to be keeping busy post-layoff with assorted jobs and lots of setting at CRG. However, none of us is employed enough to get in the way of an awesome 2 day-2 night mid-week climbing trip to Rumney. We camped right across the street and had the whole place to ourselves.

Day One:
Main Cliff
-Underdog 10a [L]
-Peanut Man 11d [TR]
-Armed and Dangerous 10b [L]
-Cereal Killer 11c [L...messy]
-Venus 12c [L...some day I'll do this clean]
[Josh also sent Neptune 13a, which was pretty sweet]
5.8 Crag
-Romancing the Stone 10c [L. I love this climb]
-Pump up the Volume 12b [TR. Yikes, tricky crux]
a practically gormet camp stove meal [venison steaks, grilled asparagus, annie's mac + cheese, Magic Hat #9] topped off with a camp fire + s'mores.

Day Two:
-Masterpeice 10a [L]
-Centerpiece 10d [L...hardest 10d ever, I swear.]
[Josh got on Social Outcast 12a, but I was still recovering from Centerpiece.]
Triple Corners
-Man with a Hueco in his Tights 11b
[ take and near hyperveltillation]
Starship Enterprise
5.9 [um, scariest lead of the trip, for sure, thanks to wet rock, lots of spiders, bad bolt placement, and three mantels.]
-and some quality spectating for Josh on Super Nova 14a.
-Flesh for Lulu 12a [TR...clean up to the last bolt.
Maybe Flesh will go this season? It's about time...]
More quality eating [venison tacos] and beer drinking...

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